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Last June (2007) I bought my son a 1984 Laser. I got it from the original owner -- an older man who had only used it a dozen times at most. The boat is in fantastic condition. The only minus is that the blue hull has faded areas because it was stored upside down and exposed to sunlight.

The boat came with a full size mast, sail, and original manual. I bought all new top of the line rigging, a Laser bag to hold centerboard and rudder, a radial boom, new radial sail (no numbers on it yet), blue canvas sunbrella cover, and red plastic things that hold masts for easy transporting. My son, who used to sail optis, and was in a summer sailing program, sailed the boat one time. Then he went to skateboard camp and broke his ankle. I also purchased a new galvanized trailer that has never been in the water. I also have an excellent trailer dolly.

I kept the boat this summer thinking my son might show some interest, but all he likes to do is skateboard.

I'm willing to sell the package for $3,250.

e-mail me:
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A few people e-mailed me asking if the trailer comes with the boat. Yes, the glavanized new trailer, seitech dolly, masts for full and radial, boat, sails, etc -- everything is included. Please see photos.
i saw the pics and feel i should add in that for trailering you should also tie the boat down on the front section and back section across the boat. the boweye is not all that strong and might now hold the boat on the highway
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Hi Gordo,

Yes, I agree -- for trailering I would secure the boat completely. But when not trailering, I don't want to subject the laser to unnecessary pressure.

I have two people interested in my boat. One is coming between Dec 17-22.

I can't stress how nice the laser is.
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Okay, the boat package is still available. I had a few people coming to my area for Xmas/New Years, but due to the previous snow storm and today's snow, they won't be able to make it. I know the first person who's sees the boat will take it. It's in excellent condition.
I also saw the pics and feel I should add that when trailering the boat it should be attached to an automobile. If you need any more obvious advice, sit tight as its likely on the way ;)
Seriously though, nice looking boat at a good price!
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