Laser Outdoor Winter Storage

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I live in Canada so it gets quite cold and snowy here in the winter. My only option is to store my Laser outside. What is the best way to prep my boat for storage? Should I just get a top and bottom hull cover, shrink wrap or get a tarp?
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The key thing is to PREVENT accumulation of water that can freeze+thaw, most especially in the mast step. Upside down is better in my opinion.

Drain it well, and cover it up so you don't have snow + ice in the daggerboard trunk or in the underside of the gunwales.


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My uncle, who was an engineer and a very good laser sailor, determined that the best outdoor storage position for a Laser in Canada was standing up on it's stern, supported on two wooden blocks, lashed against a high wall with its cockpit facing in and the plugs out. His boat is hull number 2469 and, as far as I know, is still kicking.