laser # OQTH1173A001 for sale

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2000 laser for sale - $2500
all white boat with a blue strip on the side

impeccibly kept, inside stored lifted to the ceiling of the garage

the sail is made out of 3.8 oz Dacron material that is the class legal material used in Laser Sails. it is a radial sail, which is the medium sail size and a bit easier to sail if you're not too heavy - (i'm about 130 pounds)

hull ID # OQTH1173A001
the boat is up in the garage at the moment and i can take a pic of the hull, i don't have a pic while sailing it

there is a red trailer, no dolly, polyester blade & blade bag

mail me at for any questions
Looking to purchase your boat. I was born and raised in Portland, and graduated from Deering High in 1975 (sooo many years ago). I have a brother in Cape Elizabeth who could look at the boat and help with delivery if a sale can be arranged. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best contacts: email: or cell: 518-528-3803. I'm ready to purchase if boat is in good shape. Thanks.
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hi everybody, i have so many replies already that i think the boat will be taken. thank you for all the response.
peace and good sailing,
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