Laser number confusion


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Hi all,

I just acquired my first Laser 1 yesterday. I have a hull number of 17375 and a sail number of 5450. I have looked on the Laser website to help me age the boat but neither numbers are long enough to match a year. Anyone else experienced this and if so how did you go about finding out how old the boat is?

Thanks in advance


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Hi Amy,

first, ignore what it says on the sail as it's obviously from another boat. Where is the hull number? If it's embossed under the bow eye, then it's really 17375, from 1974. If it's on a plaque on the back wall of the cockpit, then it's actually 117375 from 1984.

Knowing the colours would help, too. Is the deck more "ivory"-coloured, or actually white?



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Hi LaLi

It's on a plaque in the cockpit but there is no evidence of another 1 and the numbers on the plaque are extremely clear. The deck is more ivory coloured


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Thank you so much for that link, my boat has the exact same problem with the plaque being faded and is almost identical to the boat in question in that post.