laser masts and boom, 4.7 bottom sections for sale

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Price $
Lower 4.7 mast section: $125; Upper mast section: $100; Boom: $125
One boat set: $250

Our sea scout ship was donated several laser masts and booms, however we are not sailing this class. Unknown age but very good condition with Laser class stickers on them. Lower mast sections are for Laser 4.7; upper mast section and boom work with Full and Radial class as well as 4.7. All have hardware attached. Have three boat sets plus an extra top and boom. Make me an offer for all! Preferred local pickup in Connecticut.
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Captain Tom, are you sure all your bottom sections are for 4.7 do they all have a bend in them? You sure none of them are radial bottom sections... I'm looking for a radial bottom section. Cliff can text me 470 9341.
Capt. Tom,
I am in need of two sets of rigs, blades and sails I would like to purchase all that you have, but I am not local at all. I can pay extra for prep an shipping using a freight forwarder to Saipan. Pleases let me know if you can sell me those parts. Marianas Sailing Club just had two Laser hulls donated with nothing but the hull.
Please email
Thanks, Dave