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Laser Masters US Nationals


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Hi Masters sailors,

Aren’t you ready to go where it is warm?

Aren’t you sick of winter?

You’ve got to be sick of work.

How about 3 days of racing your Laser in the Atlantic?

Come a day early and we’ll run some short ocean races for practice.

US Laser Masters Nationals are in May, yes, the wonderful month of May.

Bring your wife (she can shop at our new major shopping centers, work on her tan, read a trashy novel on the beach).

Bring your young children (they love to play in the sand and the water…they’ll be so happy.)

Walk right out of the club onto the beach. Watch the races from the club’s many porches.

Carolina Yacht Club-NC is family friendly. Our commodores wear shorts. We are not stuffy.

CYC-NC has been on the beach since 1853 and we know how to have fun with boats.

We will even have a rowdy giveaway session after Sat. night dinner.

Sound good?

There is something for everyone at Wrightsville Beach, NC and we invite everyone 35 and over to come and play in the water.

www.carolinayachtclub.org has all the info on the US Laser Masters Nationals, May 18-20. Online registration is now open.

We can’t wait to see you here.

Your Laser buddies,

Chip and Arland Whitesides

Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480



That's a real nice invitation, but you've left someone out. Are women invited to sail, or not?


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Women certainly are invited. The more the merrier. Check the NOR and you'll
see we have a 1st female overall trophy.

Hope you can make it.


Scott B


What are the air and water temps usually in May? I guess I'm asking if it will be warm enough for shorts/t-shirt or if a little more is needed.


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Husbands are welcome as well. They can sleep on the beach or rock on the porch and watch the racing. If they dont turn green in a moderate sea , we can also put them to work on a mark or safety boat.

Scott ,

Below is a link to the weather on the same date last year. Water temp will be close to 70 - almost 10 degrees warmer than what we had at the Nationals in April 2005.
Air temp usually goes up in the 70's in the afternoon as well. Its still brisk on the water , particularly with the occasional deathroll and a 15-20 knot sea breeze. Shorts and T-shirts on shore, but have a neoprene top or at least a spraytop on in the ocean.

Wrightsville weather