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Laser LU's Fine Christmas Present


Thanks gouvernail, for your nice feedback!

Yup, I meant it to all members at TLF (also to TLF member Jeff M. of U.K. ... It's Christmas, so, we have peace! :p ).

If you hear exact to my "zip"file (this one, that gouv above mentioned) you hear "Oh little town..." twice!
Sorry for that, but it has been already late here and I did made a mistake in programming my small old Grundig CD portable player :confused:.
Here in attachment, as a bonus for you all, is the famous Italian Christmas song (sung by the same singers as in my 1st "zip"-file): "Tu scendi dalle stelle", that I originally wanted to be hear between the 2 songs "Oh little town..." and "Ja Ja" .
This traditional Christmas song of Italy makes you feel to be in Italy's Alpine high mountains (f.e. at 'South Tirol' or 'Dolomites') on a mountain lodge, if you close your eyes ...
This song has also been sung at the famous traditional Christmas-Midnight-Mass of the pope at the minster of St. Peter at the Vatican/Rome, 2 days ago... :rolleyes:

M.C. and a Happy new Year!