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Starting my campfires with GASOLINE now, makes things easy... have a roaring fire in 3-5 minutes, TOPS, LOL. Norcalsail, check the pics I just posted, they are literally the bomb, 10-4??? Molotov Campfires, WOOHOO!!! I'll never go camping again without GASOLINE, should've done this from the beginning, LOL. CHEERS!!! :rolleyes:

P.S. Gotta run back to the campground, the eagles have returned and I'm concerned about Crackhead getting picked off, the poor little guy... couple more days and the kittehs will be in a short-term rental, safe indoors at night and safer in the daytime than living in the forest. I'll never forget the wonderful glamping adventure we've had, pushing SEVEN WEEKS IN THE FIELD, LOL. Damn. :eek:

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Quick update: the kittehs & I are in the short-term rental, our glamping adventure lasted 47 days/46 nights, a personal record for me (and the kittehs, LOL). We'll likely remain in the rental over the winter as I carry on this crazy dream project of building a bad@$$ home/slash/mini pool hall in the woods, not far from the coast. Still wading through gubmint regs & building codes on that front, but I'm committed to the insulated steel building, no way I eat the non-refundable $4K "engineering fee" that I already paid. So it's "Onward, Christian Soldiers!!!" Well, maybe I'd qualify as a Pagan Soldier, LOL. WTF, make it a Viking Soldier, I know there's some Norse blood in the woodpile somewhere... thing is, Vikings didn't have high-powered rifles and large sidearms, LOL. Not even Bear Spray, though they DID have psilocybin and Berserker mushroom cults, LOL. Enough history for now, time to focus upon the future, this crazy project is a daunting task but it's also very exciting, since I get to call the shots and make all the decisions. Another reason to research all the codes & regs for this sorta project, I'm currently looking for land outside town limits so I can cut down some of those codes & regs, LOL. When this crazy dream is all finished, I'll be LIVIN' IN PARADISE, WOOHOO!!! With Westport right up the road, awesome boating & fishing there... one fine day, I'll round that huge jetty and patrol the beach, same way I did a thousand times in Coronado. Gonna pull the standard bikini inspection while guzzling beer & sailing just outside the impact zone... it's a thankless job, but SOMEBODY has to do it, LOL. :confused:

Tablet went kaput awhile ago, just bought a new computer and I now have a different e-mail address, site handle, etc. Johnny Cash's Ghost Rider will officially be laid to rest, while Coastal Redneck will take the helm and steer the boat to uncharted waters, LOL. Gotta run, I'm hooking up the Internet at the rental flat and I have to run to Aberdeen to bag the modem from Comcast, it'll be faster than shipping it... gotta pick up a Roku stick or some similar antenna at WallyWorld, I wanna watch football this weekend if possible, haven't seen a game in nearly two months and I'm suffering from GWS (Gridiron Withdrawal Syndrome). It's a bad case too, might hafta sit on the leather motorized reclining sofa all weekend and watch game after game, maybe toss in Monday Night just to be on the safe side. No worries, my sofa has built-in cup holders!!! WOOHOO!!! CHEERS!!! :rolleyes:
Well, Boyz, I may bite the bullet and pick up a Flying Scot, even though she's a bit heavier on her trailer than I'd like for towing purposes with the Mighty Camry... but I foresee a good secondhand truck in the not-too-distant future, at which time the towing issue would become a moot point. My primary concern with the Camry is pulling the boat outta the water and up a wet slippery ramp. Meh, all I really need to do tomorrow is bring the boat down and start working on her whenever I get the chance, even though I'll also be busy pouring a slab and erecting my steel building, aye? As with the building project, I'm looking down the line to when the building and boat are finished, at that time I'll be ready for some serious sailing outta Westport, as well as some fishing on the Willapa River & Willapa Bay (leaving the rig at home and slapping a motor on the existing motor mount). :)

I was reading up on the Flying Scot, and new racing boats from the factory cost around $25K, daysailing or cruising models close to that amount. This boat comes with an EZ Loader trailer which I can easily clean up and paint, while the boat will require more intensive restoration, though the sails & lines are supposedly in great shape. Looks to have Harken blocks too, always a plus. The hull supposedly has a "slow Leak" (according to the owner), but that's something I can easily fix. Once that's done, several coats of 2-part LP primer & paint will work magic on the boat's appearance. Only question now is which colors to choose, and which name for the currently-unnamed boat... maybe "VOODOO CHILD" to complete an unfinished dream with regard to another hull. I'll hafta choose a bad@$$ color combo for the hull & deck, something which will look heller cool off the beach in Westport, and also turn heads along the riverfront on the Willapa, LOL. :eek:


P.S. Gloss black spars for sure, maybe an added custom logo on the FS mainsail, LOL. :rolleyes:
"Son!!!" (a la Jerry Reed), you forget that I'm growing older... but Flying Sidewalk is a good moniker, LOL. Make that a Flying Manhattan Sidewalk, 10-4??? :eek:

When I'm drunk, I can pull circus acts on deck, riding around on a unicycle and juggling lit torches & operational chainsaws while the boat is thrashing to windward or screaming on a broad reach, LOL. :rolleyes:
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Ya know, I'm also meeting some really cool folks here in Coastal Washington, and I foresee help with launching the boat and sailing or fishing (i.e. drinking beer). I can probably step the mast and rig the boat on my own, being careful with my bum shoulder, but I'm thinking I'll have enough willing help, particularly if I buy all the beer, LOL. WTF, I'll bring lunch too, y'all don't know I'm an excellent cook, sandwich maker, etc. With some REAL LUCK, I'll have the hot librarian gal to help me, she can wear one of those French Maid outfits, maybe just a G-string, LOL... and YES, I'm a male chauvinist pig, might as well get that outta the way here & now, AYE??? Meh, I'll go easy on her with my Bligh impersonation: only 10 lashes instead of 100, with my scorching-hot librarian bent over a cannon or lashed to a grating, LOL. No worries, I'll make it up to her later... ;)
Well, I drove to Olympia and looked at the Flying Scot, she wasn't a bad deal but I was concerned about the ability of the Camry to haul her on that trailer, particularly while pulling some of the steeper grades in this area... so I passed on her, and I'll keep looking for a closer match to what I'm seeking, maybe a C-15 or something slightly smaller, but with plenty of freeboard for these waters in the PNW. The Flying Scot is a beast, big boat for a trailer behind the Camry, no need to blow a head gasket while struggling up some grade here in Western WA, 10-4? She'd be fun to sail on a recreational basis, but I need something more suitable for solo sailing, and easier to rig solo as well. :rolleyes:

So I'm back on the hunt... I'll surf C/L ads in a bit as I watch college football, at least the trip wasn't entirely wasted, I had to go to Aberdeen anyway to return an ineffective space heater at WallyWorld, and the run from there to Olympia was quite scenic on this sunny day. Nice weather, so cruising the scenic highway and listening to tunes wasn't a great imposition, LOL. I don't really plan on getting rid of this Camry till she dies under my hand... she has 207K miles on her right now, and with luck I'll get at least another 50K miles outta her before she dies on me, most likely with a blown head gasket. Sure, I could fix her, but at that point it'll be time to buy a good secondhand truck. :cool:

Considering an Albacore 15, boat & trailer need cosmetic work, while spars, sails & hardware look to be in good shape. :rolleyes:

That was some good football yesterday, the close matches... while surfing the C/L ads, I also saw a 1982 Honda XL250R in excellent shape, the bike has been in climate-controlled storage for a quarter century so it's looking pretty sweet, I may have to buy her as an alternative mode of transport, LOL. Be a good old school Enduro bike for running these logging roads through the woods, dirt roads through the forest with heaps of wildlife and magnificent scenery... :eek:

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Riding today on the boardwalk in Westport, I'll be sure to bag some good pics of my future sailing venue... gonna hit the Fish Shack afterward for a bowl o' piping hot clam chowder and delicious fish & chips, LOL. Primo weather here in Coastal Washington, it'll be raining on Thanksgiving Day but I don't care, I'll be drinking beer and watching football all day, 10-4? Now, here's the NOAA weather forecast for South Bend this morning: "Clear & sunny with a chance of KITTEHS!!!" :eek:

IMG_7930.JPG IMG_7929.JPG IMG_7928.JPG

LOL... Sage in the storage room, looking for a place to take a catnap. Guess I'll use one of these pics as my avatar till I get a classic shot of Crackhead, that blasted varmint!!! Crackhead was rocketing around the ghetto flat earlier, tearing around like a f#%ng meteor, but he went outside to work off some of that youthful energy... crazy fool cat, he's just about the craziest cat I've ever seen, next to Wingnut in Coronado. :rolleyes:
Yeah, this avatar will work for now, LOL... just posted today's pics while watching that heller football match, can't post 'em all again here due to time constraints, gotta go look at a motorcycle tomorrow and the drive is five hours each way, but the bike may be worth it since it has been in a time capsule of sorts, climate-controlled storage for a quarter century, AYE??? Anyway, here's a link to the start of today's pics posted at my usual site, it was quite a day with all sorts of unexpected surprises, LOL.

"Got Chrome??? How about Armor???"

Enjoy the shots, the old convertibles were truly amazing, my friend Virgil is a REAL HAND, LOL. :eek:


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Good thinking with respect to the FS; I have seen an individual raise the mast of this boat; it's really hard! Easy to hurt oneself or a bystander.
Albacores are nice for sure, and I think more suitable for a coastal redneck. Maybe a Capri or one of its siblings will show up once again?
Maybe a Lido 14, THAT would be perfect for what I have in mind... but that's not why I'm posting today, yeah? I bought a classic T-shirt a few hours ago while treating a friend to a beer in a local bar, and I just wanted to share it with y'all, since tomorrow is a holiday for many site members. Here's the T-shirt:


For those of ya who think you're gonna get hammered tomorrow and then climb behind the wheel, this T-shirt is a good reminder: DON'T DRINK & DRIVE, YOUSE FOOLIOTS!!! Just get parked first so ya STAY OUTTA TROUBLE, AYE?!?!? :confused:

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Watching college ballgames today, starting with this Huskers-Hawkeyes matchup, should be a good one. I'm sipping a drink made of Ace Pineapple Craft Cider, OJ w/ Mango, and Barbados Rum... with the cider and OJ/Mango combo, this drink qualifies as "fruit juice" prior to breakfast, LOL. Coming up for my morning meal: a turkey plate with all the trimmings, topped with half a dozen fried eggs for an additional cholesterol boost, WOOHOO!!! HEALTH FOOD, BABY, HEALTH FOOD!!! Damn, I LOVE Thanksgiving Weekend!!! Y'all be good and stay outta trouble, I'm back to my ballgame... this rivalry goes back over a century, that's a whole heap of games, LOL. :eek:

P.S. I think "college sailing" should be a CONTACT SPORT, it'd get more viewers that way, LOL. ;)
Primo sailing weather here, took these pics while running around, looking at lots, and talking to my friend Virgil up in Westport... I like talking to the elders when I have a problem, they give good advice. Young tech-minded kids blow 'em off as obsolete dinosaurs, but there's no substitute for a lifetime of accrued wisdom & common sense, aye? I like getting the perspectives of old school locals, they know this area far better than I do, and buying property is no light undertaking for a guy in my financial situation... I'm not rich, so I have to make my money stand up and do tricks, LOL. Anyway, check out these shots, would've been fine sailing outta Westport today, as long as ya had a wetsuit, PFD (vest) for additional warmth, booties, gloves, maybe a neoprene hood as well to really keep warm...

IMG_8328.JPG IMG_8329.JPG IMG_8332.JPG
IMG_8331.JPG IMG_8333.JPG IMG_8334.JPG
IMG_8336.JPG IMG_8337.JPG IMG_8338.JPG

First two pics are of the Willapa River in South Bend, shots #3-5 were taken on the way up to Westport, cats were outside Virgil's shop (enjoying the fine weather), remainder of pics show the basin in Westport. Cheesy Canon cam doesn't really pick up the breeze, which was on the cool side with the chill
factor... not many tourists on the streets with that breeze kickin', LOL. :confused:
Round #2 of pics:

IMG_8341.JPG IMG_8343.JPG IMG_8344.JPG IMG_8345.JPG IMG_8347.JPG IMG_8349.JPG
IMG_8339.JPG IMG_8340.JPG IMG_8335.JPG

Shots from the tower in Westport include views of the main channel in Grays Harbor, plus views of the ocean (between jetties), sure was pretty weather today. Some waves roll all the way up the channel to crash on the shore & that smaller jetty down near that equipment. Had to throw in another shot of the kittehs outside Virgil's shop, one was macking hard while the other was enjoying the view, LOL. :cool:
Round #3 of pics:

IMG_8350.JPG IMG_8351.JPG IMG_8352.JPG IMG_8353.JPG IMG_8354.JPG IMG_8355.JPG IMG_8356.JPG

These shots were taken on the way home between the Twin Harbors... Hwy. 105 runs along the ocean shore for some distance before cutting in along Willapa Bay. Twin Harbors = Grays Harbor to the north, Willapa Bay to the south, both bays rich with clams, oysters, fish, etc., and both bays beautiful in fine weather. The Pacific shoreline doesn't suck either, though the Canon cam didn't pick up the large waves crashing on the breakwater in the distance, same way it didn't pick up the breeze and tended to minimize the surface chop, pfffffft. Meh, no worries, close-up shots taken at sea will be more impressive... maybe a few of the spooky submerged jetty outside Grays Harbor as I glide over it, LOL. :eek:

Pulled a recon of Cape Disappointment yesterday, pretty cool venue with amazing views of the mouth of the mighty Columbia River... glad I went while the weather was still good, sunny & clear but a mite chilly, aye? Ostensibly I was on a recon of property in Ilwaco, but it resembled a ghost town and Cape Disappointment stole the show, LOL. Probably be easier to simply post a link to the first round of pics:

"Got Chrome??? How about Armor???"

Those shore breaks to the north along the Long Beach Peninsula merit further investigation... but the area around the bar of the Columbia River can be hazardous in the extreme, I saw a maelstrom off North Jetty yesterday, a regular seething cauldron with huge waves slamming into each other from various directions. Probably not the best place to be while aboard a Laser or Sunfish, LOL. :eek:

Cruising just outside the impact zone of those shore breaks along the peninsula to the north, THAT would be heller fun... occasionally straying into the zone to get a little surfing done on the shoulder before bailing pronto, LOL. Gotta be careful with those shore breaks, as long as you're on the shoulder and well ahead of the peeling break, you can pull it off... but the waves I saw yesterday were BIG, hammer time for those who failed to exit pronto, LOL. :rolleyes:

P.S. With over 2000 shipwrecks since the 1700s, the area around the bar of the Columbia River has rightfully earned the moniker "Graveyard of the Pacific"---no point in adding a Laser or Sunfish to the list, LOL. :confused:
Army-Navy Game today, WOOHOO!!! I hail from a naval family---CDRs, USN Submarine Service---but I served in the USA INF, so my money is on Aaaaaaaarghmy and the Black Knights, LOL. Army has won the last two games, they're on a roll and they already scored... but it's Navy's ball again and they're nearly midfield. This is the 119th meeting between the Cadets & Midshipmen, plenty of history here... you football fans enjoy the game, I know I will, my fridge is stocked with beer and I'm making beef stew, always a hit in cold weather, LOL. Well, it's not quite as cold today as it was in the past 4 or 5 days, no frost on the rig this morning, aye? :rolleyes: