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Expired Laser in Eastern Ma, ready to race or day sail, complete with two sails (extra included)

This classified ad has expired.
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Lake Effect

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Price $
Laser in Eastern Ma, ready to race or day sail, complete with two sails (extra included) $900 Laser 1.jpgLaser 2.jpgLaser 4.jpg
Hello! Is this boat still available? Could we jump on the phone in the next couple days? Best, J
A 1979 / 1980 not sailed for 25 yrs as working over seas and or racing Trimarans
safe stored an young set firm hull
1979 / 1980
The hull actually looks like it’s not newer than a 1976, as it still has the original wooden grabrails. The other pieces of equipment appear to be of different 1970s vintages.

If there’s a number under the bow eye that matches the one on the sails (1852), then it’s a 1972. (The eye is installed backwards, so you may have to unscrew it to see the whole number.)

If that space is blank, then there’s a code on the transom. What does it say?

Hope this helps :)

Thx LaLi- already knew where to find hull number, and it is under the bow eye. It is the true hull number shown on the sails and all equipment is original. As mentioned boat has not seen use and stored for over 20 years, as have been away. A great way get get one for low money.
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