Laser in DFW area, race ready

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Laser racing sailboat, #171656, with everything ready to race at a competitive level. Serious buyers only. Full list of upgrades and additional pictures to offer a great racing boat with no work needed.

Navy stripe on hull number #171656 is sealed tight and remains dry after a long day of racing. Clean deck with no dings to report. New full sized regatta ready racing sail used less than a dozen times, another sail suitable for club racing included, and a practice sail for daily use thrown in so that buyer will not need to purchase anything else to get on the water today.

All upgrades work very well including the new Vang system, outhaul and Cunningham systems. All new control lines including the mainsheet. The traveler line is the upgraded no-stretch dynema line. The mainsheet blocks and traveler blocks are the new, ball bearing upgrades. Take a close look at all the pictures to see this race ready boat.

The Seitech dolly is like new, no issues, excellent tires and is labeled with the boat number. The trailer works perfectly, the lights all work, both the tires and bearings were replaced with new ones this time last year. Brand New spare tire included just in case! This boat has been garage stored, and during the off season, I lifted the boat off the tires (see picture) to keep tires in great condition. I took excellent care of this boat! Trailer has a 1 7/8ths ball hitch and if you need a hitch for your vehicle, you can have that as well.

The blades are both Laser legal and have no dings. They are smooth and fast. Blades come in the black blade bag. Tiller and extension are both in good condition.

The bottom cover is new and is the envelope style that completely encloses the hull for traveling. The deck cover is a little older, but is in excellent condition. The boat has always been covered and stored out of the weather, which is why it looks so good.

This boat has been raced on the Texas circuit this past year and the boat performance will not hinder a talented skipper. I was able to have some excellent, amazing finishes among some of the top Laser sailors around with this boat. I'm certain to regret the sale, but I am getting out of Laser sailing for other interests.

No overseas buyers, "my buddy will be over", no checking account routing numbers given, no Western Union junk either. If you have cash, can come look me in the eye, shake my hand, I'll sell you the boat! No stupid stuff tolerated as I'm not really thrilled to be selling this awesome boat anyhow! We will meet at Joe Pool Lake in South Grand Prairie. Plenty of great pictures available. Email:
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