Laser in comparison to a Bombardier Invitation?

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My first choice would be a Laser, however it's pretty thin market in my area and I'm also on a student's budget. I've been lucky enough to find two sailboats for sale, one being a laser and the other a Bombardier Invitation

Laser: mid 1970s, good condition, 2 sails one being almost new, all the parts and well kept. Regular not radial. $1200

Bombardier Invitation: Not to sure on age, 1974-1990. Fair condition. $700 obo.

So with the Laser being roughly 130pounds, the Bombardier is roughly 180 pounds.

I myself weigh 145 pounds @ 5'11. I've sailed on Lasers before and had no problem righting them when capsized or turtled. However I'm a bit worried about the Bombardier and being able to right it considering it's significantly bigger. Also curious if the Bombardier will be as agile in comparison to a Laser?

I'm basically just looking for a boat to have as a hobby, not race or anything though I would to sail quite aggressively.

Any advice appreciated,
I would say Laser :eek:, however thats probably not too much of a shock as your on a Laser forum with a number of Laser nuts.

I am about 155 pounds and can right a GP14 which at a minimum is 297 pounds. As long as you can haul yourself onto the centreboard or even perfect the art of dry capsize (like me, I have had plenty of practice :) )

Usual consideration when buying a boat what they sail localy at local clubs. Even if your not racing they are usually a good source of advice and spare parts. Availability of parts. we have various Laser 2's lieing around at my club with missing parts. They have been discontinued this side of the Atlantic and parts can be difficult to come by or very expensive.

Good Luck & Good Sailing