Laser II Measurements

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Hi folks,
I'm trying to rebuild an old (1980) Laser 2 and having a heck of time finding measurements that differentiate Laser parts from Laser II parts. Sails & mast are easy but boom & blades are tough. It's surprising the number of people who've told me the parts are interchangeable. Not.

Can anyone definitively tell me dimensions of a Laser II . . .

Boom (L/Diam)
Centerboard / Daggerboard (L/W/Max thickness)
Rudder (L/W/Max thickness)
Rudder Head (L/W/Pin placement)
Tiller (eh, maybe these are interchangeable)

Thanks -- BGordon
Have you had any luck with your question by now? I see it's an old post. I recently bought a 1982 Laser 2, and am doing some work on it; I could check measurements while doing so.