laser II haul and sail

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It should be hull, but I cant figure out how to edit my post! The hull and the sail are both in ok shape, worn without any damage....
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i think I may also have the boom...........I bought the boat with the intention of getting it rigged a few years back but never did
Does your hull have a date, or would you let me know the maker or ID # so I can figure it out. Would you send some pictures? I would love to get it from you to save me the repair work to my 1993 with bad storm damages to bottom. Call me NH, I can come with my cash any time next weekend if all goes well to pick it up. My # is (603)622-5129, ask for Steve. Thanks, I am greatly interested so reply to my Email if you don't get in touch with me by phone.
My name is Steve. As it stands this 80's L2 is a hull & sail are spoken for, with an arrangement for pick up in place, as agreed to 6-15-08, by seller and myself. There is only an upper mast section no blades rigging or tiller. I will use the best sail between this main and my 1990 one, and will let the most worn one go up for sale to you, or make a post for it. if you decline. Contact me on Sunday afternoon, once I am back from NY pick up, and rested. My # is (603)622-5129, or email;
This is a older laser II haul and sail. $200 obo
I am VERY interested. I am in desperate need of a set of sails for a Laser II. We have a boat that is registered for a fun reagatta this weekend and the sails were thrown away. I will pay you for everything and just take the sails if they are still available. Thank you.
Gary Snyder
Director, Chautauqua Sailing Deparetment
I was only provided the main and jib, if you are fine with them, I can shot some pictures off to you. They seem ok for being 1980's, as they were always rolled and put into their sleeve. I did see they are not so crisp though, as are my racing sails, and have a little bit of wear showing at the batten pockets, however the battens are fastened into the pocket with rivets at the leach end tips, and the top one is only strapped in, as it should be for tensioning it so as to produce the desired pocket form sail shape. If you need a spinnaker, I wonder if the I-420 one I have would be close enough for non sanctioned races. Any way I would be fine to ship ASAP, if you would do a pay pal payment, provided you are a registered user of the service. I think $250 is Ok ( as I spent $140 in fuel to go get the hull, boom, spin. pole& jib/main sails), as the hull is rotted in all the bulkhead and for deck supportive plywood panels, and needs to have access holes cut into it, to redo all this soft flimsy flier problem. I can't get Performance to sell me a spinnaker launch tube, and they can't even help me with most parts. I am almost ready to give up on the restoration of Laser2's at this point, and use the hulls as small skiffs for interested fishermen, with my designed up and fitted motor mounts, for the 1.2-5 hp outboards. I will however keep all parts, and my two best sets of sails for my 1993 Laser2, which is hard as a rock, that only needs some underside hull fixes.
Call, or reply soon, as I see you need the sails ASAP.
KnoxS's1s&2s @ 603-622-5129
Sails are for sale at $250, no upper mast section came with old hull however. Only have a spare spinnaker pole, as I have need of the boom as a back up. Price reflects $140 fuel spent for pick up of nasty soft hull & sails (fair shape), as well as spin. pole & boom.
I have the pole for sale, the sails sold. However I have the sunrise (Yellow/ orange) limited release ones from another boat. They are a much higher value than the main and jib sold at @$250 from this bad idea of an acquisition, in sad shape hull, sails not bad L2.
Do you still have the sunrise sails for a laser 2 for sale? We have an older laser 2 and desperately need an new mail sail. Would take new jib as well if sold as set. If still available, how much do you want for them?
If You want them for $425, I will just turn around and buy non class legal Cub sails for the same cost, to use as practice sails. These are very clean and not faded at all, with very little use. I had planned to use them for special occasions/ regattas.
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