Laser II dimensions

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I just purchase a Laser II with only hull and sail.

Could someone point me to where I could find dimensions on the rudder, daggerboard, mast, boom and rigging directions?

Thanks so much!

Brace yourself!
These parts like the boom and mast may only be had from current boat owners, as myself. I paid $200 for a hull alone, which is hard enough to come by. Then I found someone in NJ and traveled to pick up the used mast for another $300. I bought the last remaining boom for a factory sale 18 months back(so lucky), when I bought a Laser XD there. The mast & boom are only Motor Freight Shippable, so if you do find one it's going to cost big money for shipping them. Most likely you will pay roughly $500-1000 for spares and standing rigging. The rudder blade costs $200 @, Dagger-board @ $200 used (if found), or new $350 (if someone still has one that was never used). I can sell an older dagger-board with damage cheap, or another used one for $200. I however will sell a completely rigged 1990 LaserII for $1800, or a 1988 for $1600.
I am planning on working on installing to either boat, the $500 Factory Spinnaker Launch Tube (very last sold). I will then try to get $2200 OBO for this LaserII.
Do you mind telling how much you paid?