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Laser II capsize recovering solo

Jorge Uribe Maza

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I want to sail solo on my Laser II, but I am having trouble recovering from capsize (I am 70 kgs) when I go out alone: the boat almost always turtles. I dont want to install a mast float to reduce the risk of the dinghy moving away from me at open sea.

If a stand on the daggerboard and pull de trapeze, the dinghy stands up but continues til capsizing the other side.

Hints please!!


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Sounds like neither your weight nor turtling is the problem, but "re-capsizing". First, start righting the boat so that the rig points away from the wind. If the boat doesn't come up fast enough, it may turn the other (wrong) way, and you may have to start again, towards the other side. But whichever direction the boat points, if you can reach the trapeze while standing on the centreboard (as you say), you should be able to get back into the boat before it's too late. At the exact moment you feel the mast rise up, jump over the gunwale.

But hey, you're a good size for a Laser 2 crew. Get a 50 - 55 kg skipper, and both sailing and capsizing will be more fun :D



You are quite light. I'm 80kg wet and sometimes have had similar problems in a Laser2 singlehanded. If you have to use the trapeze to get enough leverage you will not be close enough to the boat as she comes up and it will come over on top of you.

Can you get her up without the trapeze? If not then maybe a different boat is needed or maybe these suggestions might help.

With no mast float the boat turttles really quickly.

This means that the option of Undoing the standard vang before trying to right the boat is difficult/impossible for you. This helps to de-power the main so when she comes up is less likely to flip again.

An option would be to install a split tail vang with new cleats on the sidedeck so you could take it off with boat inverted.

On other boats I have found a jib furling system to be a great help in a capsize. The Laser 2 Fun had one, so it can be fitted. You could set it up so the furling line could be reached with the boat inverted. This will slow down the flip and make it much more controllable after a capsize.

Here is an idea I have not tried. You might be able to go half way with a mast float. attach it at the hounds on a cord. Set it so the mast tip will be 4-5 ft under water when capsized. It might not blow away so fast then.