Laser ICE BLUE vs. normal Laser

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Hi, I was wondering the difference between the ICE BLUE laser and a normal colored laser.
Is it a major color difference (like noticeably different from the original hull color)?
Is it actually blue, or just really white?
Is the deck also blue, or is it white or grey?
And why does the Laser Performance website describe it as "race", is it more suitable for racing then the original?

Sorry for these dumb questions, just wondering because I am interested in getting a laser this summer for racing.
Answers are appreciated!
Nowaday's the "race" configuration is the groundlevel and with the "XD" upgrade You get a little fancier kicker unit, ropes, blocks, hiking strap, tiller and extension. Very, very seldom the upgrade will be the thing that decide where anyone ends up in the results.


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The "ice blue" is still a white hull and deck. There is a slight bluish tint that is most obvious when seeing one next to a Laser from a very years ago with "vela gray".



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The Ice Blue is the "normal" (and only) colour of the Laser Performance -built Lasers since early 2016.

Vela Grey was the PSE/LP colour of the deck (and in the vast majority of cases, the whole boat) from 1999 to 2016. Different builders (such as Vanguard, PSA, PSJ, etc.) have used many other shades through the years. The original was a pale buff/beige called "Ivory".

The marketing term "race" that LP uses and the colour have nothing to do with one another.
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Saw two of the ice blue boats this weekend. Any tint to the harsh white deck is great for reducing sun glare off the deck.