Laser Hydrofoil Kit Cost

Does anyone know how much these kits cost? The main ones I see are from Foilsz and Glide Free, but they do not list a price on their website unless you make an account and I do not want to give them my information. Apparently both are "very affordable" - but fail to attach a number to that affordability.

Also curious to see if anyone has experience actually using one of these kits, are they high quality?
I looked into the Glide Free kit a few years ago and found it to be (ridiculously) expensive (for a US customer).
Also note that a Laser/ILCA will only foil above 10 mph breeze while on a reach. The Laser/ILCA is a HEAVY boat for foiling!
Your mileage may vary.
Here is a link to the asking price for a second-hand kit (for the Aero)

here's another link from long ago:

AU$6000 is mentioned (2013)

You can search this forum or Sailing Anarchy (Dinghy) for more info.

I would be interested in your findings.