Laser hull only in Ontario

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Looking for a hull only, any age will be considered, damaged mast step, cockpit etc... is fine. Sound bottom with minimal scratches is prefered.

since you live in kitchener, why dont you take a drive up to Conestoga Lake. There is a sailing club up there. There are some boats up there(including mine) there is also a laser hull that the sailing camp has that they never use that they might be willing to sell. The bottom looks decent, but the port gunnell has had some dammage and was repaired(doesnt look pretty though). There is also no hardware at all on the boat. The website and directions to the club can be found at the clubs website...
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Hey Colleen,
It's Eric, I'm looking far a slightly better hull then the green one (or the blue one), something to replace my current hull that is in better shape. But then Andrea might need a laser, so I might just get a full boat.

thanks anyway
hey eric,
i know you aren't coming back to the camp, but is andrea? you should have gotten andrea to be an LIT. I think this summer we only have 1(graham B). anyways, have fun flying this summer instead of sailing :mad:
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