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Laser Hull (Needs Work)


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This laser hull needs work, it has a good bottom (perfect gel coat) and a relatively soft deck (as comes with intense use here in the Northeast). The foam hull blocks (it is an 1985') are waterlogged, and the boat is 50 pounds overweight as a result.

The hull/deck joint is not watertight in the rear corner (a common issue on Lasers of this Vintage). It needs a Hiking Strap (piece of rope can be used), Autobailer ($20) and fiberglass work in the aforementioned corner, as well as the lines necessary for a laser hull.

All and all, with $75 and a few days of work, this laser could be a cheap way to get out on the water for a beginner sailor who is handy with tools, or is looking for a good price.

This laser hull (just the boat part) is for sale for $125 (highly negotiable) assuming buyer is willing to pick it up from the marina where it is stored.


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I can take some photos the next time I am at the club where it is stored. To give you an idea of the condition, it is what many would define as a "Practice Hull" not for racing. It is Maroon as well, don't know if it was a factory color or not.

It is a 1985. Was sail no 102,281, but does not come with sail or rudder+centerboard.

Are you local?


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Previous owner bolted the deck to the boat to improve seal, but only finished one side, turns out the boat did not need it anyway. It leaked because of the lack of autobailer and rear deck leak.


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Ok, I live 30 mins from the club, how long do you have before you are out of town?

I probably won't be able to take pics until tomorrow.


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Here are the pics...DJI_0675.JPGDJI_0675.JPGDJI_0680.JPGDJI_0695.JPGDJI_0696.JPG
As you can see in the last few images, the boat has some stress cracking, as I am sure you know is normal for a boat like this to have. You can also see in the last photo that the deck in the background has a severe soft spot, nothing critical, but nonetheless present.DJI_0694.JPG
As you can see here, the deck and hull have become separated in this corner. While I was taking the pics, I was able to force it halfway back on after this photo was taken. Nothing a gallon of fiberglass won't fix.

You can also see that on the port side, the previous owner took the "liberty" of bolting the deck to the hull, it actually created a better, and more lasting seal, he just never did the starboard side, so the deck lacks symmetry in that aspect.

This 1985 Vanguard Laser has seen better days, but never has it been so cheap.

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The interior says vanguard, serial number ends with 85'.

Hmm. Kinda looks worse than described
It is as described. It is not perfect, but it is sailible. There is a reason why it costs $125 (Including 75 dollar harken main-sheet hardware). It needs work to be "nice" but it could be sailed with an afternoon of work and some fiberglass filler. Honestly just want to get rid of it. I have another boat that is much nicer that I race.

If you like it, you can come look at it (tell me when a good time is) otherwise, good luck on your search.


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Vanguard didn't start building Lasers until 1997. That round sticker in the pictures (if that's what you mean with "interior") is some later, decorative addition. There was no WWW when that boat was built...

I read the transom code as ZFSA2281M81K. Is there an "85" somewhere else?

Performance Sailcraft was the original Laser builder, in Montreal. Had nothing to do with Vanguard.

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Yes, there is a sticker that says 85' laser class association. You are right, I magnified the image and it is indeed a 1981 laser.

I am embarrassed that something with a .com on it (being that I am in the tech industry) did not ring alarm bells in my head.