Laser Hull Needed!

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I am looking to buy a Laser Hull only.

(I have the rig and blades from my old laser that died from a mast step explosion under load. She was an old boat.:()

Does not have to be Race ready or newer. Can be older in need of refinishing. I only ask that there are no mast step fractures or other structural cracks, etc. Thanks

I can be reached at the following:


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NO way the shipping $$$ would make sense
Look at your local craigslist...Lasers show up here all the time and your area is pretty darned nautically inclined


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No doubt it wouldn't make sense. I have had 2 other email responses, and all were also to far away to warrant shipping them compared to the value of the laser.
I've been combing craigslist here in Miami for a while with no luck. Saw some Laser IIs and H16's.
Even Ft. Lauderdale's Craigslist hasn't had any.
what are you looking to fetch for it?

well, im looking to sell the whole package (hull, spars, blades, sail) for $2700. Also I have a 2 year old seitech dolly that is available also. I am located in west palm beach


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Thanks, I actually bought the $100 Laser from Homestead that was posted on Craigslist. Thanks for the heads up. Boat has about 6-8 port holes installed that are superglued shut and sealed with caulk. The refinishing the deck to original condition will be a project down the road after I paint the hull. All in all for a '78 it is in amazing structural condition. The gelcoat is chalky and has minor signs of blistering in some areas. (All fixable). No major repairs done to it, hence no accidents.

Before I seal up the port holes, that are strategically placed next to all deck hardware, I am going to reinfore the mast step Cone (and all through deck fittings)!!! (A good extra precaution).

Conclusion, a Laser hull that is all structually there only needing tlc, for only $100? Priceless.

BTW- I inhearited 1/3 of the dolly, need wheels and the bow portion. Anyone? anyone? Buuuueeler? Buuueeler?

Next, hunt for a Stardard rig sail!

Thank you all for you posts. Happy selling!

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