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Laser Game Reset Button


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It certainly would be nice if we had one.

My current Laser playtoy is getting old and soft. Sometime late this winter or next spring I would like to buy a fresh one. I hope the idiots running loose at the asylum can be drugged and put back in their cells in time so I can purchase the right hull, spars, rigging, blades, and sail to simply assemble the toy and, without modification, go play with it for a half dozen years.

For now I shall go back to the real true current focus of my life. I have a trailer that holds five Lasers. The Wurstfest regatta is in ten days and I still need to find playmates to fill the last two spots on my trailer, sail Saturday and Sunday, and go with the fleet to the party in nearby New Braunsfels to drink beer and eat sausages on Saturday night.


Hey Fred

I got a deal for you. Load up 4 boats on your trailer, bring 4 buddies with you, and head to Florida Masters Week in Feb. You can buy my 2008 boat, to replace your old one, and take back with you! How's that for a deal!!!!