Laser full rig sailboat #138871 Located in Tampa, FL

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Laser full rig sailboat #138871 For Sale $2,700
Located in Tampa, Florida 33609 ready for Laser Master Midwinters East February 2-4.

Comes with Cox road trailer
Newer used 3 times (and never seen 10 knots) sail, with battens
New Intensity blades, tiller, hiking stick and blade bag
Comes with all necessary lines to be racing the same day
Comes with all full rig spars
Hull is sound and stiff and does not leak. No major scratches repairs on bottom.
A few minor scratch repairs on the deck.
Asking $2,700

IMG-20120916-00076.jpg IMG-20120916-00072.jpg IMG-20120916-00075.jpg
Is there a phone number or email address I can reach you at? I live in St. Pete and am very interested in the boat...


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Ditch Rider, no it was not, just sitting in my garage, same as it was. you can call me at 813-417-1645 to discuss if you like.
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