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Laser for sale


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Vanguard Laser
174270. 2001 model.

Well maintained, race ready

very nice trailer - that's a $1000 value right there
seitech dolly
top & bottom covers
board bag
carbon tiller & extension
full rig
I may be interested in your boat. Are there any soft spots on the hull or deck? Any chips? Cracks on the hull or deck? Finally, would you consider delivering it to the East Bay (Berkeley area)? Thanks, Scott


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I'm not aware of any soft spots. There are chips around the gunnels, but it's a 21-ish year old boat. Yes, I'd consider delivering it up there.


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Thanks so much for the response. While my inner-child wants to buy it (I was an avid Laser sailor as a teenager - we owned #17616 in the mid-70's) my practical side tells me I just don't have the time to sail right now. Thanks anyway.