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Laser for Sale (standard rig)


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(For photos please take look here: Laser Sailboat - boats - by owner - marine sale .)

I am selling an older but fully functional standard rig Laser - perfect for casual racing or frostbiting, or just spending fun days on bays and lakes. Comes with a Dynamic Dolly purchased last fall and an Intensity Sails cover.

I am selling the boat because I didn't win the beach permit lottery and don't have a place to store it and sail it over the summer.

Condition/refits (all done in 2020):
- The mast step was preventatively reinforced in 2020, with two access ports installed.
- The hull-deck joint was repaired and reinforced around the whole boat with thickened epoxy
- New running rigging, including a Rooster mainsheet
- New tiller and tiller extension (Ronstat battlestick)
- New brass cockpit bushing
- New traveler block
- One older sail - works if you plan to race I'd recommend getting a new one

- Hull could certainly be faired for speed - this is not a Tokyo boat, unfortunately.
- Same goes for foils - both perfectly fine but some fairing would definitely improve the boat's performance.
- Expected dinks for the age but no repairs needed (there is a small gelcoat chip on the starboard side of the deck that was - not very well - patched by the previous owner but I never bothered to repair it myself).
- Boat is still quite sturdy, everything works

Extra items that come with the boat:
- New Hawk Wind Indicator MK2
- Extra boom blocks
- Sail telltales to be glued on a new sail
- Old wooden tiller and a shorter tiller extension