Laser Fleet Christmas Party


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This is an announcement about your local fleet's Laser sailor's Christmas party.

Be sure you come early. Bring a $20 or cheaper present for the big gift swap fest.

Many plan to have a discussion about 2010 travel plans so everybody can agrrange the appropriate vacation time and make necessary tickets and lodging reservations with the very best early discounts.

Some are organizing group buys of new boats and sails.

Others are making plans for those evening projects like making or refurbishing the fleet's multi boat trailers.

Some are planning to refurbish the local club's facilities or committee boat.

Make certain you are there so you can avoid being installed as fleet captain .


Plans for the New Year's Eve Party and the Super Bowl party will probably be finalized at the Christmas party.

If you have any Laser books you are willing to loan to the newbies, please bring those along.

Those who have not signed up for the trip to Austin's 27th Easter Laser Regatta can still join the group headed to that fabulous and fun early spring event. This year the probable attendance is 100 boats in each of the Radial and Laser Fleets and there will probably be about 25 4.7 rigs. Everybody in Texas is already tuning for the 2010 Houston North American Championships and Austin is the best nearby chance sailors from the entire central and western US, Canada, and Mexico will have to sail in a championship sized fleet before those North Americans.


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Yup. :) We have our skit idea for the club banquet in February.

GREAT!!! It's the winter scheduling and getting people personally involved in next year's responsibilities that makes a mediocre fleet into a growing fleet.

You guys in the northern parts of the region and our paid staff can do wonderful things for the game by spending just a few minutes a week contacting last year's marginally interested and all the potential newcomers and doing what you can to turn them into next year's involved leaders.