Laser Dinghy/Sailboat Trailer - Carries 2 boats

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This Laser Dinghy/Sailboat Trailer can hold two boats. The bottom boat is supported by brackets under the gunnels which is the best way to transport these boats and ensure the hull doesn't deform from sitting on a strap or wheel blocks like other boat trailers. A second boat can be placed above the first upside down, which would rest on bar (not pictured) that goes between the two posts shown on either side of the boat and on a foam block between the two boats at the front.

Spars can be racked below the boats. They can sit on the trailer frame and another small bar towards the front of the trailer, placed there specifically to carry the spars. There is another bracket towards the front for tying down the spars.

3 New wheels & tires (including the spare) with less than 500 miles on them. They're so new, the tires still have the long skinny spikes on them from the injection mold. I also have a spare tire mount that can be fitted to the trailer.

All of the trailer lights work so this is ready to go home with you today.

Please don't mind the dirty boat in the photo. It was on it's way to the dump. IMG_5892.jpg IMG_5895.jpg IMG_5894.jpg IMG_5890.jpg IMG_5889.jpg IMG_5888.jpg
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