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What cover should I get for my laser, I have seen the Tyvek race covers for $50 at my boat club but they always end up ripping. is there an online store where I can go that has a stronger cover that is the same price? I have a tight budget only about $70 so if you know a place that sells a cheap but nice laser cover it would be great if you could let me know.
Well parker I have been having the same problem. I am thinking about getting a universal boat cover instead of buying a laser specific cover this way I get a nice cover that fits my boat, but I am not paying 200 dollars.
Don't buy the breathable Tyvek covers unless you want to replace them every couple of years. I have been in the outdoor patio business for 35 years and we sold Tyvek covers for patio furniture for a few years but ended up replacing most of them after a two or three years because they would rip out in the wind. We started carrying much heavier 100% polyester covers that were waterproof yet breathable. No ripping out issues, ever. Probably 50% more expensive than Tyvek but lasting at least 10 years.
They need to be made out of Typar not Tyvek. The Tyvek house wrap used to be rated for 6 months UV exposure. I've seen houses in New England with Typar house wrap only for 5 years. No siding required. Unfortunately its grey instead of white. Perhaps a cross industry meeting is required.
message 49208, he has some excellent handmade ones made out of sunbrella, I've had them on all my boats, they've lasted through 2 intense tropical storms, and over 4 years being stored outside and still look brand new
For what its worth, I've seen Colie Sails covers that are 15-20 years old and still doing their job with no problems at all. I doubt you can get higher quality than that - and they look great.