Expired Laser boom for sale

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Alan S. Glos

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Standard Laser boom for sale. Original "old style" hardware. No blocks. Missing small plastic eye at the outboard/clew end. No kinks, bends or damage. Freshwater use only. $49 - you pick up in Cazenovia, NY near Syracuse. May be able to ship via UPS but buyer pays shipping.

Interested? Questions? E-mail me at: [email protected].

Alan Glos
Caenovia, NY


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Just a few thoughts (for the next owner :) ):

The vang key fitting is the model that was used in the mid-1970s. Nothing wrong with that, but remember that it takes the straight vang key only.

The original sheet blocks were held together not by rivets but screws, so you could attach and remove them without destroying anything. However, to attach new blocks you need to drill out at least one of the rivets that attach each eyestrap to the boom.

For a new outhaul fairlead, one might switch to the aluminium version (Allen A282A) which shouldn’t break in two like the original apparently did...

1970s booms were rather soft as they had no inner reinforcement. So should this one be used for racing at any level, then fitting an inner sleeve to make it stronger is worth considering. (More drilling & riveting though!)


Points taken. I am fully aware that this boom is not race grade, but it is priced accordingly and would get a rec. boat with a damaged boom back on the water. Given that a new boom (with blocks) can go for over $300, this boom at $49 is a bargain for somebody who does not need the racing extras.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY
Yes - all you need to add is the sheet blocks, the outhaul fairlead and a few rivets, and you can get all that at around 35 $. You can even add the inner sleeve at 40+ dollars, and it’s still a bargain :)

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