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Don't know about you lot but I get curious about all the different Lasers and where/what/how they are sailing.

I also want to keep track of where my boat has gone after I have sold it and vice-versa for new ones.

I have some time on my hands at the moment and was wondering if it would be beneficial to make an online database for Lasers where every boat has a unique page where people can upload pictures or info for that boat. Boats with no info just sit there empty. By uploading pictures we can also see what the different models look like like such as the Graffiti edition, Classic, Black magic custom models such as the gold one in Aussie.

This would also be beneficial in the future for other unique ID boats.

Does anyone know if anything exists yet?

A few things I will need to get around would be database size (could get quite big) and potential for spam to be posted on each page etc.

Let me know your thoughts :)


Upside down?
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Interesting idea, but I think you should use your time and intellect on something more worthwhile.
After all, a Laser is a Laser, is a Laser...