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Hi Just wondering if anyone else has had an issue with the Bahia mast foot. The boat was dis-masted and the mast foot ripped out of the cross beam, Laser performance are suggesting that the boat, (1 year old) is now a right off as the cross beam cannot be replaced and they don't recommend repairing it, "It is not possible to purchase that part for the boat anywhere in the world from any company. The only way to get this back in a usable condition is to either get a new one made by an external metal company or buy a new boat " . They are saying they have never seen this before which i find unusual given masts come down on dinghies all the time. Has anyone else had this happen to them??
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Whilst I am not a Bahia sailor and have never seen one in real life, it does sound as though LP just can't be bothered!

If they are still making Bahias, which they are according to their website, then they must have a stock of the mast beams available or on order somewhere that they could sell to you and the mast-step itself certainly seems to be a fairly standard part that you could buy.

It looks like the beam is just attached by two fixings, one on each side of the boat, so it can't be too hard to replace it, if that is the case.

Have you had the boat from new? Is there any possibility of a warranty claim if it is only a year old? How did the dismasting occur?

Did you buy it direct from LP or via a dealer? If a dealer, I would go back to the dealer and ask them for help or press LP further and try to talk to someone else.

Unfortunately, the "Find a dealer" section of LP's website doesn't seem to be working! Sailboat at Northampton don't seem to stock Bahias, but you could try them or the link at Sailcentre above, if LP really can't help you.

Otherwise, if you have no joy with any the above, you may have to go down the DIY repair route, which shouldn't be too hard and I can think of a number of possible ways but would really need to see the existing beam first to work out something strong and safe without affecting the function either.


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And if you have no luck with any of the above, maybe you could do a deal with the owner of this Bahia

and if it doesn't sell, try and do a deal with the owner to extract the mast beam and send it to you.