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Laser Bahia Cross Beam has detached the boat


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I am an owner of a Laser Bahia and I have just noticed that the horizontal bar on which the masts rests has become dislodged from the boat. When trying to re-secure it I noticed that the bar does not fit by a few mm in length and the bottom of the bar does not reach down to the bolt that was securing it.
To my laymen's mind it looks like the inside of the boat has deformed inwards or sunk down.
Laser Performance said that this is installed during manufacture when the boat it still hot.
Can anyone help? The boat is held on its original bathing trolley (dolly) and I transport it using the original road trailer. Although I use it in a hot climate, with heatwaves reaching 39-40 degrees. the boat is always garaged indoors except when in use. It has not been in use since earlier this winter. I am the sole user of this boat. I'm distraught because I've no idea how it would happen and if it is repairable.
Laser Performance said "In this case it´s difficult to assembly again, but it´s possible with some boat manipulation and extra force. " Im not sure how!!!

The other option I am considering is amending the transom/beam (grind some mm off the length) for it to sink in the hull trench where it should be and inserting stainless steel bolts into the hull.
Any help is welcome.