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Laser 4.7 Rig with Racing and Practice Sail - $350

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The Laser 4.7 Rig is perfect for the sailor who is transitioning from Optis and wants to sail Lasers, but simply can’t handle the power of a Radial rig.
The 4.7 is a growing class in the US as more young sailors are choosing to sail Lasers as they move on from Optis.

Includes both a practice and racing sail. Rig is in perfect condition and is the same as a new one. The Racing Sail still has plenty of good regattas in it while the Practice Sail would be suitable for everyday practice and club racing.

A new 4.7 spar and sail would cost upwards of $800, but this setup, which includes not one but two sails, is yours for only $350.

Located in NJ

If interested, contact jswik93@aol.com


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