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Laser 4.7 Lower part mast

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I have a 4.7 lower section and three sails I'm looking to part with. One is lightweight and new, one is a lightly used racing sail, and the other is a well used practice sail. For a few bucks more, I'll send everything to you in Texas.

H Ninja

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Dear Frits,

Thank you very much for your reply.
I am Jun Masumoto living in Houston. I am looking for the Laser 4.7 Lower part for my daughter.

- How is the condition of 4.7 Lower part and is it class-legal one?
- Your new sail is Brand-new? or is it with your number(192015)?
- I will be happy if you can give me a discount to US$500 with shipping or US$450 without shipping?

Your kind consideration and reply shall be highly appreciated.


Jun Masumoto
Hi Jun,

Your offer for $500 is accepted for the lower mast section and sails.

The 4.7 lower mast section is class legal and may still have the sticker. The racing sail is the one I included pics of and is class legal. The other "new" sail is NOT class legal (it was a cheap online purchase for my daughter to practice with that never got used) and then I have a heavy 4.7 practice sail that she used all the time and should be class legal, but you'd never want to race with it.

The entire 4.7 rig was for my daughter as well, but she never really used the boat on her own. She just used it at the yacht club for lessons and races, so I sold the Laser last Summer with its full size rig and have all of the 4.7 parts left over.

Let me know if you might also be interested in any leftover Laser hardware and I'll see what I still have.

You can text or call me.


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