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Laser 28 for SALE

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Laser Masters
asking 29,900CDN$

Designed by Laser racers for aging Laser racers who want to race or cruise with friends and family.

Sale details are here --> http://laser28.org/chat/display_topic_threads.asp?ForumID=7&TopicID=272&PagePosition=1

Many boats in fact are cruised to and from racing events where speeds of over 16 knots have been attained under spinaker. The Laser 28 has stood the test of time well.

Best Performance
is a worn-out cliché. You can race anything that floats. But, if you want the feel of performance instead of driving a truck, you can knock out 95% of the 28 ft. market. If (heaven forbid!) you also wanted to stand up below and do more than race around the bouys, there go all the rest - but one, the Bruce Farr designed Laser 28.

Best Accommodation

This boat has 5'101/2" standing headroom, sleeps four (or a family of five) in comfort in a double V berth (6'3") and a large converted dinette (6'7"). There is a full galley, 2 coolers, an enclosed head aft with marine toilet and through-hull and behind it a cavernous walk-in wet locker which you won't find in any other boat this size.

Best Construction

A carefully engineered grid system picks up all the keel and rig loads and distributes them out evenly into the fully cored sandwich construction. There is no simpler rig on the market.


Not open for further replies.