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Laser 204421 (2013) with Radial and 4.7 rigs and sails

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Per Nordstrom

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Price $
Laser USA 204421 bought new 2013.
The boat is in very good racing condition. It has not been used the past 3-4 years. and has been stored in our garage.
It comes ready for racing with complete rigging for both Radial and 4,7. The top mast section is almost brand new. Blades, bags, racing carbon fiber tiller extension, etc
Both the 4,7 sail and a radial sails are in racing condition.
Dolly and covers. (The covers are worn)
Price $4850

We also have a towing trailer available (from Performace Trailers) . It is perfect for a Laser. Has a tube for masts and the boom. In good working condition. $500


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Please note that I am a legitimate buyer (not a scammer); I have been in the hospital undergoing cochlear implant surgery.


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Hi, I just bought a Laser that came with the radial and standard sails but I am looking for a 4.7 racing sail for my son. Perhaps if you get someone who doesn't want the smaller sail I would buy it. I also have a full/standard racing sail in very good condition that I could trade if interested. Thanks.
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