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Laser 2011 Race ready with Dolly and Trailex Trailer. SOLD


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2011 Laser Hull # 199760
3 Laser sails
Harken top cover/bottom cover (hull)
Spars/blades (centerboard & rudder)
tiller/hiking stick Carbon.IMG_0015.jpegIMG_0014.jpegIMG_0013.jpegIMG_0012.jpegIMG_0011.jpegIMG_0010.jpegIMG_0009.jpegIMG_0008.jpegIMG_0007.jpegIMG_0006.jpegIMG_0005.jpegIMG_0004.jpegIMG_1214.jpegIMG_0985.jpegIMG_7659.jpeg
Padded blades/board bag
2 year old Trailex Laser Trailer with Swivel Bow support
Dynamic Laser Dolly
Rigging and lines.