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Laser 2 - Water in Hull - Boat Weight

Mark Schennkel

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Hi, have a Laser 2 that I would guess is 25-30 years old. Says made in Canada if that helps. Unfortunately for the last 15 years I have left it upside down outside in upstate NY during the winters. And it is also not covered during the sailing season. I know the hull takes on water as I often have to drain it. But even when no water comes out the boat seems to weigh much more than it should. And over the years it feels as if it is getting heavier and heavier. For instance it is a fairly arduous task to lift the bow up enough to place Seitech dolly under boat. Perhaps I am just getting older and it just seems heavier to me. But I am beginning to think there are waterlogged components within the hull adding to the weight. Is this possible? I have read on other threads there are wood components within the hull. What I really need to do is find someone else with a Laser 2 to compare weight to.



What I need to do is find someone else with a Laser 2 to compare it to.


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The target hull-only weight (there's no "minimum" really) of the Laser 2 is 76 kg, if I remember it right (if I don't then it's something else :confused: but that's in the ballpark).

There are several plywood supports between the bottom and the deck, but I don't believe that their combined volume is enough to increase the mass significantly even if thoroughly soaked.

What's your boat's sail number and transom code? (As it's made in Canada, it's already more than 30 years old.)