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Laser 2 traveller rigging-need help


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I have seen and read about different ways to rig the traveller line for a laser 2 and wanted some input on which is the proper way. one way is to run through a fairlead, through the small block, through the other fairlead, put a bowline in the middle of the boat and run the other end through the bowline and into the cleat. This way allows the blocks to travel all the way from one side of the boat to the other.

The second method says to put a loop through the traveller line and hold the blocks in the middle of the boat so they only travel vertically. I'm not a racer and just a pleasure sailor and just learning.

Can anyone help and maybe provide some pictures or a link on how to properly rig this



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I use the first method on my Laser 2, for what that's worth! Here's a link to a Youtube video of a Laser traveler being rigged - he puts an additional loop around the bowline which I think I'll try on mine.


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The second method is the correct method. A Laser 2 traveller is kind of a misnomer as it doesn't really travel. Looks like I'll be making videos this winter