Laser 2 Traveller Adjustment?


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My Laser 2 traveller is worn out and I'm replacing it, but this raises the question: should I be adjusting the traveller when I'm sailing? I have it set so the block is fixed on the centerline and can theoretically be moved up and down, but I've always just left it about a foot or so above the deck. What conditions would one move it up or down? Do I really need the extra line length leading to the cleat in the cockpit or can I just splice some eyes to the deck fairleads and leave it in a fixed position?
You want to adjust the traveller to keep the mainsheet blocks as close as possible to one another, in order to get the boom as close as possible to the centreline. You want to sail with different mast rakes in different conditions, which changes boom height, which in turn changes optimal traveller block height. Even using the same rake you want to twist the main differently in different wind and wave conditions -> different mainsheet tension -> different traveller height.

Of course you can tie (not splice) the traveller line(s) to the fairleads for a permanent "max down" position, but I don't think that an adjustable traveller is too "complicated" in any way to warrant that. The cleat is there so you might as well use it.