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Laser 2 for sale


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Laser 2 sail boat in decent overall condition. If you're seeking a raceboat this isn't it, but but she's not a wreck either. She's still fast but probably best for some fun daysailing. There are some nicks and dings here and there and the hull has a bit of fade. I replaced all of the chainplates with new U-bolts, added a bow eye, and re-did the entire deck/hull joint with 3M 5200. I also made a new tiller and extension, and added a newer Harken ratchet block with cammatic cleat for the mainsheet. This boat comes with the standard rig with main and jib. There is no trapeze or spinnaker, but these could easily be added; there is spinnaker hardware on the mast. Selling because we have too many boats; the college kids are heading out the door, too busy to sail it so I'd rather let it go to someone who will have some fun with it.

I do not have a trailer to sell with this boat. You can car top this on a big SUV with the right roof racks. However, if you need help getting it home (in RI) we can try to figure something out.

$950 OBO cash only.