Laser 2 For Sale -Saratoga Springs, NY

Exactly what I'm looking for except I'm in San Francisco/Monterey, CA. Got a friend driving cross country, or ... ? :) John 831*747*4140


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San Francisco is a long way from NY....sorry I do not know of anyone heading west at this time, though I will keep my ears open.
Hi there,

I am a bit nearer, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and am looking for a Laser 11.

What shape are the foils, mast and rigging in? Have you weighed the hull? How old are the sails? While looking out for your reply, I will see where Saratoga Springs NY is. Hopefully it is not too far from here!


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The foils are in good condition with no damage, the running rigging should probably be replaced, though works fine for day sailing, and the mast is in good condition as well. I have no idea how much the hull currently weighs.

I have the original set of sails which are in fair-good condition, and a set of white racing sails which are in fair condition.

I have had the boat for 2 years and sailed it only at our club in club races etc. I bought it from a guy in PA who had it for quite some time and sailed it up on Ontario. So I think it has only sen fresh water for much of it's life.

Saratoga Springs is about a 7-8 hour drive from Toronto.

If you are serious about the boat, I can take some more closeup pics of what you want to see and email them to you.


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bud3232 said:
i'm in toledo, the boat still for sale? Any chance of pics of the sails? Trap harnesses or chute?
The boat is still for sale.

The boat is not spinnaker rigged, though I do have a chute that I inherited when I purchased the racing sales.

My trap harness disintegrated this summer and needs to be replaced.

If you are serious about the boat, I will go down to the club and take pics of the sails.
Did you ever get extra pics?If so I would like to see them-I'm looking for a boat for my 2 kids ages 10 and 13-can they sail this without much trouble?Also we do have access to dock space-can this boat be left in the water or will rain water sink it?many thanks-is that saratoga lake in the pictures?
Had an offer from someone driving w/ tripple trailer north of you to Clearwater Fl through Jacksonville that was willing to transport (not sure how much yet). Is boat still avail? Understand you have a spin, what shape and is boat rigged? Is there a tube? Also understand your harness is trashed. Any other equip. Can you pass me addl pics if you have in reply or to Thanks, Maddi-L
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Appologies to Sandtrap as well, it looks like my last reply did not post!

Sandtrap, this type of boat is "dry" sailed (launched each time) and can not be left in the water.

A fun boat for teens ,check out

I will be taking more pics this week and will post by end of weekend.

The boat is not spinnaker rigged though I do have a spinnaker.

If you are planning on serious racing, you will need to re-rig the boat.

I just raced for fun in our local club races.
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- The Laser 2 is still for sale

I have been out of town and just returned.
I can meet you you next Sunday the 18th if you want, send me a private mesage with your tel # and I will call you to discus logistics.

- Also for those I promised pics of the sails, the weather here has been bad, I will try and get the pics next weekend.
I sent you a forum mail with my e-mail address.

Is the hull identical to ones made currently? I'm not too knowlegeable about lasers, but my son is sailing opti and ready to move up this summer.
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LongIsland Dan - The hull is identical to the latest IIs currently produced except for the chute tube and small differences in the rigging etc..

Just want to make sure that you understand that this is Laser II not standard Laser, which is raced with a crew of two not one, though can be easily sailed by one person.