Laser 2 86"' for sale

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1986 Laser 2 for sale, light gray,good sails , new rigging,heavy duty alum. trailer in very good con. new battens and rigging, just needs grip tape and to be rigged. missing small extention arm off rudder. $1100
I want to find a laser 2 for my family. This sounds perfect. I live in Coral Springs near Ft. Lauderdale. Please write back and tell me if the laser2 is still available, where you are and how I can reach you.
Libby Reed
Hi Eric...
I'm trying to get the boat and trailer registered at the tag office and they insist on a bill of sale showing any previous registration information, e.g. prior tag number for the trailer, and any previous registration for the boat or a reason why it was never registered. Can you help? I can meet you at your place if you have the info and to sign the form they gave me.
PS. Love the boat. Have replaced halyards and hiking straps and am doing a little touchup work on the fiberglass. Hope to race it this weekend.
Thanks - Barry
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