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Everything you need to sail or race.

2002 Hull and Mast — Everything else is new within past two years.

Ready to race and nicely upgraded.

Hull recently buffed and waxed and only sailed once since.
No significant damage (minor dime sized chip in gelcoat on bottom near transom).
This hull is solid and stiff and has no soft spots or evidence of delamination.

Spars are original and in great shape - straight and no damage.

  • Entire control system updated 2 years ago, in excellent condition.

  • Harken HD Outhaul and Cunningham system - New
    • Harken Cleat Base and Cleats
    • Block Plate and Fork Head Blocks
    • 4 Harken Single Blocks
    • Outhaul Control Line — Dyneema (Red/White 4mm x 6000mm)
    • Outhaul Control Block
    • Outhaul Primary Line — Dyneema SK78 (Gray 3mm x 1500mm)
    • Cunningham Control Line Block
    • Cunningham Primary Line — Dyneema (Black/White 4mm x 4000mm)
      • Dyneema SK90 (Grey 6mm x 1200mm)
    • Outhaul Elastic (Black 7mm x 1000mm) Plus extra
    • 3 Ties: Mast Retention, Cunningham Block, Outhaul Block (Mast) Dyneema (Black/White 3mm x 1500mm) Plus upgraded clip-on mast retention line and upgraded Harken outhaul quick release clew connector.
    • 2 Ties: Outhaul Block (800mm), Outhaul Block (Sail) - Dyneema (Black/White 3mm x 500mm)
    • Upgraded Outhaul Block (Sail - Clew)
    • Spare Vang Key
  • MSB HD Boom Vang (with Allen, Holt and Nautos Blocks) - New
  • Spare Boom Straps
  • All lines are either non-stretch dyneema or dyneema blend.
  • New Mainsheet (Red)
  • New Harken Ratcheting Mainsheet Block (switch between ratchet and freewheel)
  • Dyneema traveler line
  • APS Sail - Like new
  • Two Daggerboards - one like new (used several times) - one that has been faired for racing.
  • Rudder in excellent condition - used only several times - new pull down line
  • Megabolt on rudder head

  • Hiking strap - original with new adjustment and stretch lines
  • Seitech Dolly with brand new wheels and tires
  • APS Sail Bag
  • Battens - like new
  • Additional Mast Retainer with new spring gates for easy on and off
  • Custom dagger board retainer line with spring gate and stretch line
  • Spare single blocks
  • Spare new drain plug
  • Spare lines of various sizes and types
  • GoPro mount
  • Carbon Fiber Tiller and Extension
  • Spare Block Plate and Fork Head Blocks
  • Spare Vang Key
  • Spare Bung and hook
  • New Auto-bailer plus spare
  • Free 2016 US Sailing Racing Rules book
  • New C-Vane mast mounted wind vane
  • Spare Clew Hook and Strap
  • Full Top Cover

Moving soon - make an offer!

Can deliver if located in South Florida

CONTACT: Gary at

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 3.48.44 PM.png IMG_4344.jpg IMG_4269.jpg IMG_4315.jpg IMG_4339.jpg IMG_4345.jpg IMG_4311.jpg IMG_4327.jpg IMG_4344.jpg IMG_4309.jpg IMG_4310.jpg IMG_4338.jpg IMG_4330.jpg IMG_4328.jpg IMG_4327 2.jpg IMG_4326.jpg IMG_4322.jpg IMG_4321.jpg IMG_4320.jpg IMG_4314.jpg IMG_4306.jpg IMG_4305.jpg IMG_4304.jpg IMG_4303.jpg IMG_4302.jpg IMG_4301.jpg IMG_4300.jpg IMG_4299.jpg IMG_4298.jpg IMG_4297.jpg IMG_4296.jpg IMG_4293.jpg IMG_4291.jpg IMG_4290.jpg IMG_4289.jpg IMG_4288.jpg IMG_4282.jpg IMG_4281.jpg IMG_4279.jpg IMG_4278.jpg IMG_4277.jpg IMG_4276.jpg
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