laser 173230 full/ radial

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I have a red hull laser 173230 in good condition that has always been garaged when not being raced or sailed. I have both full and radial rigs. Sails always rolled and stroed indoors.
-full and radial rigs (2 full bottom sections)
-3 full rigs sails (5 races, 12 races, race/ practice sail)
-1 radial sail with 6 races
-carbon fiber tiller and extension, original alluminum tiller and extension
-bottom and top covers, blade bag, sail bags/ tubes
-sietech dolly
-$4200- negotiable depending on equipment
Phil Forgione- for any questions comments
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The boat is for sale, I just posted it today. The boat is from 2003. If you are interested give me until saturday and ill get you as many pictures as you want Im out of town until tomorrow.
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