Laser #168238 For Sale! Fast and clean boat.

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I am selling sail/hull #168238 with the following kit. She's in great condition, very fast and will show you a great time!

This dry boat comes with:

Harken updated 15:1 Vang, 10:1 cunningham, 6:1 outhaul.
All new high performance line package, incl. Clew hook w/ Rooster Strap.
Sietech dolly
Padded blade bag
Auto bailer. Laser Pro tiller and extension.
Center board and rudder in great condition,
New Rooster Hiking strap, Carbon mast wear plate.
One sail in decent shape.

$3800 OBO

All fair offers will be considered...

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I am going to keep the boat and dolly together as a package. If someone buys just the boat and doesn't want the package, then I'll let you know. Thanks for your interest.
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How many times has the boat been sailed? Is the sail the original / has it been used the same amount as the hull? Thanks
Hey Jraatz....sorry for the delay in responding. The boat has been sailed ~15 times and very well maintained and fully updated. The sail is not the original and is in decent shape.

Let me know if you'd like to see the boat or call me to discuss further. 617.285.8222


I'm busy finishing school right now and wont be able to come to see the boat for a while. I will, however, keep it in mind as long as you don't find another buyer.

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Jack, Yes the boat is still for sale. I have sent you pictures and my number to discuss if you're still interested!


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