Laser 162476 full rig and radial rig, dollie, cover, too many parts to list SW FL REDUCED $2699!!

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Laser for sale 162476, one of the last real Lasers before the Vanguard disaster. Bone-dry boat(unlike Vanguards), perfect bottom with no soft spots. Boat has placed well in many national events.

European black Radial Rig from 2001 Radial worlds, 1 full rig section, Seitech dolly, Collie bottom cover, Collie blade bag, hard sided blade boxes for air travel, 2 radial sails all eurospec (purchased in Europe) and 1 full rig sail, Fredrickson Ratchet Block. Too many parts to list please email for specs and what combinations you are interested in as I am willing to put different packages together, asking $2699 for everything.
Thanks for looking,
Cullen Shaughnessy

Cell 239 248 3978

Possibly willing to deliver if reasonable and terms are agreed upon prior to delivery

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In case people are interested I am offering this package to go along with the boat.
1 Radial Bottom Section
1 Top Section
1 Eurospec Radial sail (very good-excellent)
1 Collie Spar Bag (excellent, holds top section, bottom section (radial or full), and boom)
1 Fatso Carbon Fiber Tiller
1 Tiller
1 Tiller Extension
1 Dagger Board (good condition small nicks)
1 Blade Bag (excellent condition)
Miscellaneous parts and lines, extra cleats and blocks with spare parts bag
Whole package (hull, 2 sets radial spars, 1 set full rig, 2 dagger boards, 1 rudder, 2 blade bags, 3 radial sails, 1 full rig sail, 2 Carbon Tillers, 1 bottom cover, 1 spar bag, and all the other extras listed)
Is this still avalible? i would like to buy it with the full rigging for radial rig. I can come pick it up next week or sooner. Also, are the Euro rig for radial legal for racing in the US?
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