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Laser #161974 for sale, race ready


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Ocean City
Hello! I'm looking to part ways with my Laser, #161974 located in Ocean City, NJ. I'm no longer racing or sailing much Laser, so it would be nice to pass it off to somebody who could get some use with it. It's a dry, stiff hull that has only seen intermittent use over the years. It's primarily rigged for Radial, but I believe I have an older 4.7 and possibly full rig lower sitting around somewhere. It spent most of its life in a shed, and I raced it for two or three years. Comes with quite a few extras and upgrades, some of which I'm probably missing in the description.
- Class legal composite w/ only a few regattas use on it (pictured)
- Upgraded vang w/ Mojo rigging and upgraded outhaul (pictured)
- Newer boom and radial lower (pictured)
- Class legal Hyde sail used for 1 regatta, numbered and w/ country code, rolled around pvc pipe (pictured)
- Mobius Composites carbon tiller extension and tiller (pictured)
- Seitech dolly (pictured)
- Ronstan Freddie ratchet block
- Colie sailbag w/ pvc pipe for rolling
- Colie spar bag
- Top and bottom covers (I still have to find the top cover, but should come across it somewhere)
- Maybe a bunch of practice and non class legal sails, including a lightly used Mk2 full rig, if I can find them.

Will also include my homemade hiking bench for those wintertime gains, if you want it, as well as a pair of SEA hiking pants in medium.

I'm currently at school, but would be happy to show it over winter break, or beyond into spring. If that doesn't work, I may be able to have a buddy show and broker it earlier. Make an offer.

Please contact me by text at (267) 567-4474


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