Laser 151722- Price Dropped to $2800

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Laser sail no. 151722 for sale: $2800

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Entire boat and package was revamped and updated three years ago. This boat has seen little racing since it was built by Vanguard in 1994 and remains competitive against brand new boats. Since refit, this boat has been sailed less than 5 times.


  • Solid, like new stiffness.

  • Bottom is exceptional, has a dime-sized ding on the bow that was filled (very well) by original owner.
  • One gouge on deck, also from original owner. These are the only marks on the boat. All in all a very stiff hull.

  • Whole bottom was waxed last year and has been sailed twice since then.

  • Original, standard rig spars are straight and undamaged.

  • Entire control system refitted and updated 3 years ago, in excellent condition.

  • 8:1 cunningham and 6:1 outhaul

  • New style Holt Allen Vang with one purchase removed.

  • All lines are either non-stretch dyneema or dyneema blend.

  • Rooster Pollilite mainsheet

  • New vectran traveller line

  • Class-legal Haarstick sail. Tired, but has decent life left in it for racing-- I’d buy a new one if I was going to a big event.

  • Daggerboard has had tip repaired and has been faired extensively. Board has also been waxed and has excellent handle for grabbing at the top mark.

  • Rudder in excellent condition; has been given the same fairing treatment. Also waxed.

  • Megabolt on rudderhead

  • RWO aluminum tiller w/ composite extension

  • Laser factory blade bag

  • New Harken ball bearing boom and traveller blocks

  • Wind vane

  • Clew hook and strap

  • Intensity sails dolly w/ gunwale supports

  • Top and bottom covers. Top cover is full skirt for lot or traveling. Both Top Gun.

  • Spare boom blocks (originals)

  • New Rooster hiking strap

  • Autobailer

  • MkII daggerboard brake

  • Mast retainer line

  • Original paperwork and Vanguard brochure if I can find it.

Contact: Bryn:

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