Laser 137026 in San Francisco, CA

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1976 Yellow Laser in good condition for sale. Lived under cover/inside for its life. Cosmetic damage, spider cracking, and wear in fiberglass, but the deck is still quite stiff, the mast step and daggerboard trunk are in good condition, and the boat comes with everything you need to start sailing immediately. All the new rigging is installed - I am willing to sell either with the new rigging or with the old. Comes with full rig sail (Haarstuck). Top mast section is straight. Comes with a blade bag and all needed lines.

Blades in decent condition - trailing edges are straight - they need minor sanding to be competitive but are just fine for regular sailing. Bottom mast section has a slight bend just below the gooseneck. I will email you pictures if you'd like.
$1400 with new rigging
$1200 with old.

Random point of interest - I bought this boat from a relative who'd stored it in his garage for 6 years, having never sailed it. He handed me the sailbag and I immediately noticed that it had "Kam Lewis" written on it... which is kinda cool. Apparently his old boat.
If you post this on in San Francisco area, you will be automatically listed on the D24 website in the For Sale section. This is the best way to get your boat advertised in our district. Check it out
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