Laser # 119 Historic 19th Laser built


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I have Laser # 119. Believed to be 19th Laser built. Numbers started with # 100 or # 101. Red with white deck. Hull and deck secure. All flotation foam removed. All wood screw reinforcements including inside of transom replaced with HDPE plastic. Tried to reinforce mast tube. All wood removed below mast tube. Have all hardware, wood rails, wood rudder mast boom, sails etc. Also extra misc new hardware and parts. Deck had multiple inspection port when I took ownership. This is historic project that I no longer have time for. Free to anyone who wants to restore, preserve or practice repairs etc. Eastern Massachusetts
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I live in Carlisle and would love to take this project on. I have 20+ years in epoxy and resin. Could you send a picture? I would like to take this on
Great opportunity, but wife thinks I have too many hobbies now. She likes to see me around more. This should be a fun baot to fix up and then raffle to a sailing school or some sailing foundation